Målilla Hyvelbänkar is a small family company located in the south of Sweden.

We are makers of robust and sturdy workbenches for cabinet-making, wood sculpting and other productions in wood. Our workbenches are characterized by their traditional Scandinavian design, wooden screws and very high quality.

Here on the right is a short presentation of Målilla Hyvelbänkar and the craft of making workbenches.

The Workbenches

Our workbenches are made of wood of the highest quality. The wooden screws are made of the end part of birch root for increased durability, the top layer is made of beech, the thread block of birch and the base frame of pine wood.

You can get your bench in any height you'd like without any extra cost and we can also make customized benches for your own needs.

Leif Karlsson Bänkskruv